January 27, 2023

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Actor; Gideon Okeke Laments Current Fuel Situation In The Country

Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke has lamented the poor state of the country right now as regards fuel scarcity.

The actor shared the incident of how a black market vendor refused to sell to him because he prefers to sell to Yahoo boys who never haggle.Furthermore, he touched on how a Ghanian green card can give access to a couple of countries without a passport, while we can’t do the same as Nigerians, but instead of tackling more pressing issues, the government is busy focusing on meager issues.

In his words, Meanwhile, The GHANA CARD is poised to grant it’s bearer/citizens, access across several different land borders. Just the card o. No passport.

NIGERIA…shebi You can see your Mates? Dey here Dey ragabo us on GIANT vibes.

Effin’ Midget!

Chale what Dey Sup?!

DUMSOR Dey My area.

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