March 28, 2023

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Angry Nigerians Raise Alarm After Davido & Wizkid Got Rough Handled In Abuja

It’s really safe to say Abuja fans have been doing the most lately.

In the early hours of Monday Morning, A Video of Davido being thrown to the floor surfaced online. Apparently, Davido was invited to perform at a show in Abuja, and while he was singing to his fans, a male fan ran on stage and threw him to the ground.

As expected the bouncers rushed to the guy but it was already too late, the video had already been taken. This is not the first time Abuja Fans will be rough handling an A-list Artist.

Recall on Saturday, Wizkid met the same fate when two make fans grabbed his legs and refused to let him perform until the bouncers disentangled their hands from Wizkid.

Nigerians hopped on Instagram to drag Abuja Fans for rough handling them, especially Davido, They commented that this trend of attacking Nigerian artists on stage is no longer funny and they should stop it before they seriously injure one of them.

Read their comments below;

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