May 19, 2022

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Buju Changes Stage Name Due To A Clash With A Popular Jamaican Artist (See Details)

Nigerian artist, Buju has officially changed his stage name to BNXN.

He made the announcement on Twitter and Instagram. Buju shared a video reintroducing himself to his fans as BNXN.

BNXN is actually pronounced as BENSON, but he prefers fans to write it as BNXN.

Buju, sorry BNXN didn’t reveal the reason he is suddenly rebranding, but a source confirmed that it is due to a name clash with a popular Grammy Award-Winning Jamaican artist. The artist whose name is Buju Banton and our BUJU have been getting mixed up a lot on the internet.

The identity confusion is affecting Buju’s career, streams and recognition. BNXN decided to make a name switch to prevent any mishap in the future.

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