March 28, 2023

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Check Out The Moment Kaisha, Lucy Fight Dirty During BBNaija Reunion Show (Video)

The Big Brother Naija reunion on Thursday was filled with drama, as former housemates engaged in a physical brawl.

After Kaisha revealed how Ka3na allegedly insulted her mother while they partied, the brawl began.

Her mother liked Ka3na and wanted a photo with her, according to Kaisha, who added that her mother first sent Lucy before sending her sister Zainab to ask Ka3na for the photo.

Kaisha claims that Ka3na asked them to notify her mother to come to her table, which she found rude.

Ka3na, on the other hand, claimed she mistook them for talking about Kaisha’s manager.

Lucy, who backed Ka3na on this, didn’t explain why she didn’t convey the message when asked.

At one point during the show, Kaisha requested that everyone stop talking about her mother.

Kaisha became enraged and decided to throw a pillow at Lucy, resulting in a physical fight. Lucy retaliated by asking if her mother is a fruit, insisting she was talking about a fruit.

Lucy was then led away from the scene without her wig on. She also mentioned Kaisha’s violent behavior and threatened to beat her.

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