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“I Can K*ll You And Use You For Money Ritual, Are You Zazuu?..” – Portable Confronts And Threatens A ‘Fake’ Portable


Fast-rising rapper, Portable went all Zazu on a fake Portable.

He finally caught the street comedian who have been impersonating him on social media. He posted a video of him confronting the comedian on why he copied his signature hairstyle and is busy making videos claiming he is the real portable.

Portable went on a row to narrate how fake Portables are tarnishing his reputation on the internet with their rash actions and comments.

Fake Portable confessed to the Real Portable that he simply wanted fame and attention. According to Fake Portable, his friends gave him the idea to impersonate the Zazu Lord after they noticed they looked alike.

He apologized for the negative publicity and promised to turn a new leaf. Portable also promised to help him if he changes his hairstyle and start using his real name..

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