May 20, 2022

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She Only Made A Goodwill Post” – Olakunle Churchill Silences Those Criticizing His Wife, Rosy For Celebrating His Son, Andre

Businessman, Olakunle Churchill has addressed all those who have been dragging his wife, Rosy Meurer for posting his son, Andre on his 6th birthday.

Churchill shared a lengthy post via his official social media page about how Rosy has been a lifesaver to him and his business.

He made sure to point out that whatever is important to him, is also important to Rosy and that she only made a goodwill post.

In his words, The past few years of my life on this platform were quite tumultuous luckily I found my happy place and that’s with Rosy my WIFE which will NEVER change regardless of what anyone concludes, designs, thinks, or wishes.
Speculations and rumors we know make social media interesting and people have the freedom to cook up stories about us , I can’t change the narrative.. People have left their life issues to make other people’s story their priority.. ?

Know This – Anyone or Anything that is important to me is also important to my wife,Rosy.

Looking back at the all the problems I faced, I thank God that opened my eyes to see the Angel for me was around me for a very long time.
I was very depressed, shamed, trolled, my business was going down and everything around was going wrong! No one fought for me on this platform, no one was there for me except Rose! I thank God that helped us go from being very good friends to Husband and Wife. She is my soldier and my guy, my best friend the mother of my child, and many other beautiful things.

She only made a goodwill post !
Let her breath!!!

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