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Some Of The Comments Were Vicious After Kim Kardashian Admitted Being A Single Parent Was A ‘Struggle’


Kim Kardashian is widely known for sporting fresh fits and mixing it up with her relatives on their reality TV series, The Kardashians (which is streamable with a Hulu subscription). However, when she’s not doing those things or promoting one of her various brands, you might find her opening up about certain aspects of her life. Just recently, she went viral after appearing on a podcast, during which she stated that being a single parent can be a “struggle.” The quotes – like many of Kardashian’s past sentiments – went viral, and some of the comments from people 

The 42-year-old socialite and mother of four was one of the latest guests on Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast, where the two discussed a number of topics. Something that was discussed in particular detail about what it’s been like mostly raising her kids solo. Amid the conversation, the star even said that “there are nights I cry myself to sleep” because of the pressure. Despite the emotional appeal, some people just don’t seem to be buying it: 

What commentators seem to be implying (or just outright saying) is that the SKIMS founder’s situation can’t be all that difficult since she presumably has nannies and others who can assist. The comments that have been shared on social media are honestly savage, with one person even stating that the star’s sentiments are laughable

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